How can I open two facebook pages on one computer

Hi guy’s

RE: LoL never know this, Facebook second screen!

How are you today, i was trying some really funny things with FB pages and what are you doing!

I was thinking i write there some blog over, for intresting people that wanne know how you can open 2 Facebook pages!..

It is actually really easy!

Let’s start, the Facebook tutorial about open a second Facebook page:

As you may already know, you can not open two facebook pages in one browser. Why? This is for the security on your account, actually is it possible to open some second account in some other browser.

Take some example as:

(IE – Internet explorer) / FireFox(mozilla) / Safari /Google Chrome

If you are using as example Google chrome for all your Facebook activity’s then is it not possible, to use with some other acocunt Facebook on that same browser as Google Chrome!

You need some other Web browser as / (IE – Internet explorer) / FireFox(mozilla) / Safari /)

See here the Facebook explain:


The results